Grade 3 Weekly Updates (18 – 22 March 2019)

Unit of Inquiry

Summative assessment

Create a community on a chosen geographical feature.

  • Describe the characteristic of the chosen geographical features.
  • People in the community.
  • Describe how the geographical feature is modified to support the establishment of the community.


  • Shared reading – Reading comprehension, homonym
  • Listening –  Post listening activities to show their comprehension
  • Guided reading:  – Reading comprehension, self-monitor and self-correct
  • Writing –  Complete homonym, synonym and antonym activities to prepare for the next writing activity.


Measuring the length of objects in m, cm,and mm.

Measuring long distance by using km as unit of length.


Able to apply ten fingers typing skills

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

Menjaga kelestarian alam

Berdialog dengan lafal dan intonasi yang tepat

Menjawab pertanyaan berdasarkan teks bacaan

Physical Education

  • Basketball (Game situation) – Continue
  • Captain Ball


  • Rhythm and Percussion : quarter note and eighth note
  • School production song: pianica test song neverland (test neverland continued)
  • Willow tree song


  • Learn about colour

Visual Art

  • Starting unit 6 Cut paper art, self portrait

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