World Book Day Celebration

On Friday 15th of March 2019, EY 1 students celebrated a World Book Day in which they had interesting activities together. On day one, the students had a storytelling session with Ibu Ani listening to a story “Mr. Men and Little Miss”. After the story, the kids were asked to draw their self-portrait and show their personalities whether they are a happy, angry or sad kid. The kids really enjoyed the session.

On day two, they had a book character parade where all the kids dress up like heroes, animals, princess, and many more. They also showed their favorite character costumes in a catwalk along the corridor in front of other students and their parents! It was a small and quick fashion show but we believe can help them be more confident. The parade finished in foyer where the kids had a quick gallery walk with Ibu Ani checking out the displays of other students’ works during World Book Day. To wrap up the event, we all took a picture together at the photo booth area. It was such a fun experience for the kids! We’re so proud of you, friends!

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