A day well-spent at museums

Visiting museum is always good. We can learn many things from the past. It also helps us visualize or imagine the life of the past or even touch the things or objects that people long time ago touched. It feels like going in a time machine or capsule.

On Tuesday, march 19th 2019, grade 4 students had a chance to visits two museums around Jakarta; Museum Fatahillah or Sejarah Jakarta and Museum Bahari. This activity was in line with the topic learnt in Where We are In Place And Time trans- theme with ‘ Exploration leads to discovery and develops new understanding’ as the central idea.

We chose the two museums because we believed that those two places would provide us with the information and knowledge the students needed to help them fulfill their summative assessment, and they did.

The students learnt a lot about the history of Jakarta which also closely related to exploration in Museum Fatahillah. There, they learnt how Sunda Kelapa developed into Jakarta, the most significant city in Indonesia.

In Museum Bahari, the students learnt about the history of explorations. They were introduced to some great explorers from around the world. The students learnt how those great explorers explored the globe, the instruments they used, the challenges and their contributions to the world. The students were surprised knowing that some of those great explorers in history once arrived or stepped their feet in Indonesia.

Overall, the trip was successful as we don’t face any significant problems. Everything ran as planned. Students learnt a lot and had fun at the same time.

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