Gr 5 Unit of Inquiry 6 How We Organize Ourselves (1st April – 29th May 2019)

Central Idea

Digital media changes the way in which people access information and connect to each other.

Concepts and Related concepts

Key Concepts: Function, Causation and Responsibility Related Related Concepts: ethics, networks, access, platform and digital citizenship.

Lines Of Inquiry

1. How digital media is used and organized

2. Evaluating information accessed via digital media

3. Our responsibility as a digital citizen

Summative Assessment

What (Knowledge):

To know the strength and weaknesses of the chosen digital media.


In order to understand the ways to share information through the chosen digital media.

How (Situation):

You are a netizen. You are going to share information through digital media.


  • Decide the types of information that you are going to share
  • Identify the strength and weaknesses of the chosen digital media
  • Choose a suitable digital media
  • Create and publish the information


WALT: Uses different digital media to promote a cause wisely.


  • Wise use of personal and private information
  • Effective and safe use of information
  • Properly cited resources
  • Effective use of digital media
  • Creative use of digital media
  • Care of digital footprint



  • 1.   Defines sample space of an experiment in probability theory
  • 2.   Defines an event in an experiment
  • 3.   Expressing the probability of an event using fractions
  • 4.   Determines if a games is mathematically fair or unfair
  • Position and Direction: Cartesian Plane
  • 1.   Reads position of objects in coordinate grid using ordered pair
  • 2.   Reads and writes the position of a point in Cartesian plane
  • 3.   Learns the quadrants of a Cartesian plane
  • 4.   Draws geometric shapes in Cartesian plane
  • 5.   Finds missing point of 2 D figures given the other points
  • Symmetry and Transformation (Tessellations)
  • 1.   Creates tessellation by repeated use of one regular polygon
  • 2.   Creates tessellation by repeated use of two or more regular polygon
  • 3.   Creates tessellation of triangles and quadrilaterals
  • 4.   Creates tessellation of irregular shapes obtained by transformation of other tessellating shapes
  • 5.   Creates tessellation involving other irregular shapes

Bahasa Indonesia

WALT : Menulis Biografi


-Memahami dan mampu menjelaskan teknik pengumpulan data

-Memahami definisi biografi

-Memahami jenis karangan yang digunakan untuk penulisan biografi



Participate in a novel study


– can make predictions based on pre-reading

– defends and justifies own views during discussions

– reads clearly and confidently

– appreciates the style of the author – analyses the author’s voice

– recognizes parts of speech

– compare and contrast likenesses and differences between novel and movie


WALT     : Describe about “ Occupation Profession”

WILF     :

  • Pronounce vocabulary about When I Grow Up
  • Respond clearly to a question about Occupation Profession
  • Recognize written words about Occupation Profession
  • Write hanzi by memorizing the steps
  • Grouping make flash cards of Occupation Profession

Visual Art


Stage of Life Picture Mobile


  • Able to complete tools and materials
  • create development stage of life icon or picture
  • generalized the size of every  development stage of life picture mobile
  • decorative and colorful artwork
  • Tidy artwork



Guitar and major scales.


  • Notes on guitar until 5th fret
  • Major scale (revisit)
  • Apply to guitar






















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