Simon says…

This time in our Nursery classes, our students played the game of “Simon says”. They enjoyed it a lot and it was shown on how they anticipated with a big smile plastered on their faces as they listen to what Simon is going to say. “Simon says….touch the tissue”, said the teacher. Off ran the students as fast as they could in a group, towards the tissue that was laid on the floor. The game continued as the teacher (pretended to be Simon) asked several groups of students to find and touch familiar objects that were mentioned in this game.

Through this activity our nursery students developed their English vocabularies as they listened to the instructions and searched for the familiar objects mentioned, both in the classroom and in the playground. In addition to that, they were also challenged to remember and say the objects’ name correctly. Good job to all of the students who participated happily!!


Nursery Rainbow & Sky

Nursery Sun & Moon


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