Grade 3 Weekly Updates (8 – 12 April 2019)

Unit of Inquiry

  • Different form of visual arts.
  • Workshop: face painting, filmmaking 1, art games design


  • Shared reading – Reading comprehension, homonym
  • Listening –  Post listening activities to show their comprehension
  • Guided reading:  – Reading comprehension, self-monitor and self-correct
  • Writing –  Complete homonym, synonym and antonym activities to prepare for the next writing activity.


  • Finding perimeter of plane figures.
  • Finding perimeter of rectangles and squares.


  • Explore Curator application on iPad.

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

  • Membaca teks prosedur dan menjelaskan kembali isi prosedur tersebut

Physical Education

  • Basic futsal (ball control)


  • Rhythm and Percussion : quarter note and eighth note
  • School production song: pianika test song neverland (test neverland continued)
  • Willow tree song and oat and bean song
  • Pianika for the chosen song
  • Preparation for portfolio


  • Writing chinese characters about shape

Visual Art

  • Using their own close up photo, student learn to trace and breakdown the face photo using tracing paper and carbon paper to copy it to the drawing paper


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