1819 Grade 2 Weekly Updates Week of 8 – 12 April 2019

Unit of Inquiry

  • Students are able to explain why some buildings changes their function.
  • Students are able to make comparison of the same building which have different functions.
  • Students are able to identify types of buildings overtime.


  • Listening: Listen to stories and complete activity.
  • Reading: Read at an appropriate level with understanding.
  • Writing: Students learn about adverbs and how they are used in writing.


  • Students are able to perform addition and subtraction of like fraction within one whole in a story problem.
  • Students are able to create pictorial representation, diagram/model for a fraction of a quantity.

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

  • Siswa mampu membaca dan memahami teks bacaan.
  • Siswa mampu menjawab pertanyaan berdasarkan bacaan.


  • Siswa dapat menjelaskan nilai-nilai dari setiap sila Pancasila.
  • Siswa dapat mengidentifikasi nilai-nilai Pancasila yang dapat mereka temukan dalam kehidupan mereka sehari-hari.

Information and Communication Technology

  • Students are able to use the tools to draw 2D designs and add text using “Tayasui Sketches” application.

Physical Education

  • Traditional games (karet) – continue


  • Rhythm (quarter, 8th, half note,and quarter rest)
  • Airwave
  • Singing children songs


  • Writing Chinese Characters about Building

Visual Art

  • Step by step student follow how to create a simple bloks picture style and color it with crayons



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