1819 Grade 4 “How the World Works” (25 February – 24 May 2019)

Central Idea

Science is evolving and has an impact on people’s lives.



Change, Connection, Responsibility


Related Concepts

ingenuity, progress, ethics


Lines of Inquiry

  • What leads to advances in science
  • The role of technology in science
  • The effects of scientific advances on people and the environment 




Prepare a piece of procedural text about a new or existing technology that has had a great impact on human life


I can:

  • Learn about the features of a procedural text
  • Find out about different technologies that have changes they way humans live
  • Write a procedural text about a new or existing technology that has had a great impact on human life



To support the concept of Reflection  students are going to learn about western foods. Students will learn pronounce the vocabulary, respond questions, recognize words , writting hanzi and pin yin , and make flash cards of western foods. 


Visual Art

To support the key concept of change, students will learn to create 3D Picture, they can explore their skill about painting and crafting.



To support this UOI, students will learn how to play music as ensemble with more than one kind instrument and function. Connection concept will be supported in this unit. 


Physical Education


Apply invasion games to accomplish common goal (Handball)


  • Develop coordination, manipulation, balance, and spatial awareness.
  • Participate in lead up games.
  • Participate in activities that develop spatial awarness, locomotor skill and coordination. 



WALT: creates a tutorial video about how to use a tool/create something/do something.


  • creates a storyboard.
  • records clips.
  • edits clip and applies these skills:
    • trims clips.
    • uses effects and transitions effectively.
    • adds subtitle.
    • adds recorded instruction in the background.
    • adds background music 


Bahasa Indonesia

Mendengar dan berbicara
1. Memahami dan melakukan instruksi yang diberikan
2.  Menjelaskan petunjuk penggunaan suatu alat dengan bahasa yang baik dan benar


Melakukan sesuatu berdasarkan petunjuk pemakaian yang dibaca

1.pengenalan kalimat perintah
2.Menulis petunjuk untuk melakukan sesuatu atau penjelasan tentang cara membuat sesuatu (Progress)

Menjelaskan dan melakukan sesuatu sesuai dengan petunjuk yang dibuat sendiri (Progress)



Units of Measurements

  1. Converts units of measurement within a metric system for length, mass, and volume.
  2. Compares measurements which are expressed in various units
  3. Performs addition and subtraction of measurements in different units
  4. Solves problems involving unit of measurement

Symmetry and Transformation (Reflective And Rotational Symmetry)

  1. Describes properties of reflective symmetry
  2. Transforms objects by reflect it to a line
  3. Identifies the image of an object after reflection to a line
  4. Learns about clockwise and anti-clockwise direction
  5. Transforms the position of objects by rotate it 90o, 180o, 270o, and whole turn 360o.
  6. Identifies the image of objects after rotation


  1. Identifies pattern on the naming of metric system.

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