EY 2 Weekly Updates (15-19 April 2019)

Unit of Inquiry – Sharing the Planet

  • Explain how plants contribute to life on Earth and how to care for plants.
  • Explain why we should save the trees how to save the trees and start designing the campaign project.


  • Create simple sentence and write informally about own ideas and experiences in a journal (plant journal).
  • Read simple sentences.


  • Solve subtraction problems 1-20.

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

  • Menulis dan membaca kalimat sederhana.

Physical Education

  • Dance in a small group or with partner with basic step patterns to support how to save trees campaign project.


  • Create and sing a song to support how to save trees campaign project.

Visual Art

  • Design and create mixed media collage artwork, drawing and painting to create a poster about how to save the trees.


  • Play games on Ipad (tally marks, addition games) and complete Plant Journal apps.

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