Learning From The Expert

In the third line of inquiry, students are learning about factors to consider when designing a building. The best way to learn about it is from the expert who has been through a lot of experience in constructing a building. That is why, on Thursday, 11 April 2019 we invited Bapak Handoko to share his expertise about the factors to consider when designing a building with the children. Pak Handoko explained a lot about the process in constructing a building, from planning/ designing, preparing the materials, until the steps in constructing the building. He also explained the factors that needs to be considered when designing a building, such as building materials, building structure, safety, water/air/temperature, and also environment/ land. In addition, Pak Handoko prepared some materials used for constructing a building that students can explore and manipulate. Students really enjoyed this session, and for sure they learned a lot. Thank you Pak Handoko.

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