The Role Pets Play In Our Life

It was a beautiful sunny morning when our young learners gathered in the playground. They were accompanied not only by the teachers, but also by some adorable animals. There were two lovebirds, two goldfishes, and a rabbit too. Divided into three groups, all of the students took their turns to had a closer look at each animal which they knew as pet.

Through this activity we guided the students to understand what role pets play in people’s life. Some of them shared how they make their pet happy and how to take care of it, which is by feeding, petting, and playing with it. While doing those caring actions, the students further said, it makes them happy. So unlike the farm animals which can produce food products, pets are there to give us intangible thing like happiness to those who have it.

Hopefully through this activity students will become more caring towards animals as a living being whom we share our planet with.

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