The Role Of Farm Animals

This Tuesday all the Nursery students had a combined classes that took place in My City. The area was given a new set up fitted for the occasion. In exchange of the mini kitchen, hair salon, and mini grocery store, there were three stalls set as a food restaurant, completed with three sets of table for the students to sit in. Furthermore the doctor’s room has been replaced with a table contained with dairy products and honey.

The menu itself was quite unique, because all of the foods provided came from animal products. This way the students could learn to identify one of the roles that farm animals play in our life. During the discussion they also mentioned the foods’ names and the animals that produce them. Here are the lists of animal products they have tasted:

  • Fish meat;
  • Cow’s meat and milk;
  • Goat’s milk;
  • Honey;
  • Various kind of eggs; and
  • Chicken meat


We hope that yo will enjoy to see the tidbits of how the activity was like through our photos

collection. Please, check it out!

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