Grade 4 Mathematics – Decimals

This week, Grade 4 students started to learn decimal numbers. Mastering the knowledge of place value in whole number is the basic skill for the students to learn decimals further especially when they need to compare between 2 decimal numbers.

In the beginning, students need to know the definition of decimals and how they read decimal numbers. The students also practice to write decimals in a number line. They have to understand that decimals numbers are not only found between 2 whole numbers, but also between another 2 decimal numbers.

Just like a whole number, students also need to be able to identify the value and the digit of a decimal number. To learn further about this, students practice identifying the value and the decimal number through a place value diagram. This place value diagram system will also help the students to see a clear difference between a whole number and a decimal number in terms of place value. This skill will be an effective tool for the students to compare the decimal numbers and to arrange the decimal numbers based on its value.

Another skill that the students also learn in decimals is to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimal numbers. Basically, the process of calculating decimal numbers in addition, subtraction and multiplication is the same with the process the students calculate the whole numbers using column way. The essential part that the students need to keep in the mind is that the decimal points must be put vertically aligned, at the correct place, in order to have the correct calculation.


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