Grade 4 Weekly Update ( Week 6-10 May 2019)

Unit of Inquiry

  • Lines of Inquiry 1: What leads to advances in Science


        To understand what leads to advance in science



  • Explain the changes of the object that they observe
  • Explain why the objects are changing
  • Categorizing the causes of changing into 5 categories





  • Shared reading – Reading comprehension, homonym
  • Listening –  Post listening activities to show their comprehension
  • Guided reading – Reading comprehension, identify purpose of the book, ask questions
  • Writing – Students will be writing essays on how they can help the planet by protecting the environment







  • Definition of decimals
  • How to read decimals
  • Writing decimals in number line
  • Ways to identify value and digit of decimal numbers
  • Comparing and ordering decimal numbers


Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia


  • Membaca dan melakukan instruksi penggunaan atau pembuatan suatu alat
  • Menulis kalimat perintah atau petunjuk penggunaan atau pembuatan suatu alat



Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


  • Create a tutorial video
  • Prepare the scenes and script by using a storyboard template




Physical Education


  • Handball (Review)
  • Dribbling & shooting
  • Learn how to be a goal-keeper





  • Peter pan review
  • Portfolio selection



  • Presentation Pronounce vocabulary of the flash cards about “Western Foods “


Visual Art


  • finish (coloring) the 3D picture (animal) artwork


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