Have you met Baim yet?

Have you met Baim yet? If you haven’t, please keep on reading to find out who it is and what our nursery students have been up to this week.

As the students were sitting during circle time, the teachers opened the class by asking what they know about farm animals. They answered it by mentioning the names of animals that belong to farm animals. Furthermore, from their previous learning activity, they said that farm animals are the ones for human’s food source.

Prior to that the teachers introduced them to another role of farm animals, which is as a transportation. That was when they saw a gentle white horse, named Baim, pulling a festive cart into our school’s parking lot. They were delighted to see Baim the horse. Some squealed, some smiled from ear to ear, and some smiled while keeping a distance from Baim.

They were all encouraged to meet and get to know it by petting Baim gently. Finally they were invited to took a  ride together with the coachmen and one of the teacher who assisted those students. So off they went, out of the parking lot, into the street and around the school’s neighborhood. Smiles were plastered on their face as they felt the wind and heard the bell jiggled once Baim sped up its pace. What a fun ride it was.

Lastly, all of the students were given the opportunity to thank Baim for the fun ride by feeding it with freshly-cut grass. Let’s take a look to the pictures below

Nursery Rainbow & Sky


Nursery Sun & Moon

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