1819 Grade 3 How We Express Ourselves ( 1 April – 17 May 2019)

UNIT OF INQUIRY Theme : How We Express Ourselves An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetics. Central Idea : Uniqueness can be expressed through the visual arts. Key concepts : Form, Perspective, Reflection Related Concepts : Uniqueness, exploration, creativity, harmony, aesthetic Lines of Inquiry : Different forms of the visual arts Expressions of uniqueness in visual arts Different forms of the Respecting and appreciating the visual artistic expressions of others Characters : Courageous, Active Learner Profile Attributes : Risk-takers, Caring, Reflective Attitudes : Confidence, Creativity Skill : Self – management ENGLISH WALT: To prepare and present a poster to explain my rights and responsibilities as a CHAMPION for ourselves, our families and our country WILF: ·      Explain the meaning of personal rights ·      Explain the meaning of my responsibilities ·       Organize my rights and responsibilities into the 3 CHAMPION areas .      Prepare and present a poster to explain my rights and responsibilities as a CHAMPION BAHASA INDONESIA Mendengar dan Berbicara: Menjelaskan prosedur melakukan sesuatu. Membaca: Membandingkan isi dua teks bacaan. Menulis: Menulis prosedur melakukan sesuatu MANDARIN WALT : We learn about shapes WILF :
  • Able to describe shape in mandarin with correct pronunciation and tone
  • Able to read hanyu pinyin and chinese characters about shape
  • Able to write hanyu pinyin and chinese characters about shape
ICT WALT: Creates an art digital portfolio WILF:
  1. Insert images
  2. Insert captions
  3. Share the final result as an image
MATHS WALT : Understand the concept of perimeter and area of rectangle and square WILF :
  1. Determines perimeter of plane figures
  2. Determines perimeter of rectangles and squares
  3. Determines area of plane figures by using unit area
  4. Determines area of rectangles and squares
  5. Determines unknown side of squares or rectangles, given its area or perimeter
  6. Determines area and perimeter of composite figures made from squares and rectangles
  7. Derives formula to find perimeter and area of rectangles and squares
  8. Derives formula to find unknown sides of square or rectangles
VISUAL ARTS WALT : Self picture paper craft WILF:
  1. Bring a self photo
  2. Trace the photo with oil paper
  3. Make copies needed to make the paper craft
  4. Cut each part
  5. Attach them all
MUSIC WALT : To do performances WILF :
  1. Students are able to combine, and able to combine elements of performances
  2. Students are able to sing, at the same time play instruments and be able to collaborate with their friends
PE WALT: Students will learn how to play futsal WILF:
  1. Students will learn how to do passing futsal
  2. Students will learn how to shooting futsal
RELIGION (CHRISTIAN) WALT : Mengetahui cara memelihara ciptaan Tuhan WILF  : 1.     Menyebutkan berbagai flora dan fauna ciptaan Tuhan 2.     Menyebutkan cara memelihara flora dan fauna ciptaan Tuhan 3.     Membuat puisi tentang alam ciptaan Tuhan 4.     Menuliskan beberapa manfaat tumbuhan dan hewan ciptaan Tuhan RELIGION (CATHOLIC) WALT : Menyadari dan menerima pemimpin dan tradisi masyarakat sebagai wujud karya keselamatan Allah WILF :
  1. Menyebutkan contoh-contoh pemimpin masyarakat
  2. Menjelaskan makna pemimpin masyarakat yang merakyat, jujur, dan adil menurut Kitab Suci dari injil Matius
  1. Menjelaskan pengertian Pancasila Buddhis
  2. Menyebutkan rumusan Pancasila Buddhis
  3. Menjelaskan akibat melanggar Pancasila Buddhis
  4. Menjelaskan manfaat Pancasila Buddhis
RELIGION (HINDUISM) WALT : Mengidentifikasi hubungan tari sacral dengan kegiatan keagamaan  WILF :
  1.    Menjelaskan perbedaan tari sacral dan profane
  2.    Mendeskripsikan jenis-jenis tari sacral dan profane
  3.    Mendeskripsikan hubungan tri sacral dan profane dalam kegiatan keagamaan

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