1819 Grade 4 Tutorial Video



During this Unit of Inquiry “How The World Works”, ICT lesson is integrated with Bahasa Indonesia lesson. The material is about creating the tutorial video.

Students first found the idea (title) for their project and created their prosedural text in Bahasa Indonesia by using the story board as the media. After being checked by the teachers, they needed to record their tutorial video at home. Next, after recording is the editing process. They can edit their videos by using I-Movie, Clips, or any other application. The criteria are their video needs to have subtitle, background music, and some effective transitions or effects.

These are the samples of their project about:

  1. Cara Memasak Mie Instan
  2. Cara Menggambar Kotak 3D
  3. Cara Membuat Teh Hangat
  4. Cara Membuat Kartu Pop-art
  5. Cara Membuat Kapak dari Kertas



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