Grade 6 Weekly Update (27-29th May 2019)

Summative assessment task(s):

What are the possible ways of assessing students’ understanding of the central idea? What evidence, including student-initiated actions, will we look for?

What (knowledge): to know what makes an organization

Why (conceptual understanding): in order to understand that people create organizations to pursue collective goals.

How (situation):

You are a member of an event organization. You are going to organize a game day event.


  • Identify the purpose of organization
  • Describe the job description of each organization’s member
  • Create program plan
  • Explain how their organization can assure that the event will run according to the plan.


Assessment Tools: rubric

Assessment Strategy: Performance

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the purpose of organization
  • Analyzes strategies for problem solving within an organization
  • Explains the characteristics of successful of organization


  • Reflecting on learning in Primary School
  • Evaluating learning in Primary School

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia

  • Membaca karya sastra (Novel Anak Rantau) untuk menentukan unsur intrinsik dan ekstrinsik.

Physical Education

  • The student will learn about competition system (review)


  • Present flashcards about “ Country “ 
  • Practise sing a  song “ Dang ni lao le “

Visual Art

  • finish mixed media paper batik design (coloring)
  • portfolio


  • Approaches to Learning (skills) Games and Activities
  • Arts Festival

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