Excursion to Ragunan Zoo

Last Tuesday, grade 1 students had an excursion to Ragunan zoo. They were so enthusisatic to join this activity. They were observing different kind of endangered animals in Indonesia. The tour guide explained clearly about the animals and their habitats.

Math: Learning about time

In Maths, grade 1 students are learning about the time. They learn how to read the time (o’clock and half past) and write the time that shown on the clock.


In this unit, the students are learning about habitats. They are learning to identify the characteristics of animal habitats. Moreover, they also learn to classify the animals which live in that habitat.

Grade 1 Hydroponic Planting

This week, grade 1 students are doing hydroponic planting. The school provided two seeds, bok choy and lettuce. They were so enthusiastic to do this activity. It needs around 7-8 weeks to harvest the vegetables. They can’t wait to harvest them! arvest them!

Healthy Food

Balanced lifestyle choices affect health and well-being. In order to be balanced, we need to: Eat healthy food Exercise regularly Keep personal hygiene Have enough time to rest and relax Build good social life To support students inquiry on healthy food, we took them to Farmers Market in Galaxy. They witnessed all the products offered…

Information Literacy (Library time)

Grade 1 will focus and learn as well balanced reader in library in “who we are” unit of inquiry. Students will be introduced to nonfiction and fiction books, characteristics of books, books location and color spine label suits their level of reading. Students will do action by borrowing books with these two type of books…

Yeay!! Grade 1 learning celebration!!

We are coming to the end of second  Unit of Inquiry. On Wednesday, lst November 2017, grade 1 students celebrate the learning that they have learnt. During the Unit of Inquiry of “How the World Works” students are learning about “The management of waste supports the sustainability of the environment”. In this event, students are going to…

Recite Poem is so fun!

On Monday, 23 October, Grade 1 students did Poem Competition. The competition is the integration activity by BSI lesson and Literacy Month event. There are about 15 students who joined the competition. The competition was so fun. Students show the best and all participant were enjoy the activity. 

Deskripsi Benda

Grade 1 students learned about deskripsi benda (BSI) in this unit. Students have classs discussion about deskripsi benda. Teacher hid an object and describe the object, students guessed what the object is. Students also work in pair to play hide and guess the object to practice about deskripsi benda.

We want to know how SVP manage the waste :)

On October 10th, grade 1 students listened to Pak Handoko explanation. We want to know how SVP manage the waste. Pak Handoko explained by showing attractive presentation, students sorted out the trash provided into 3 different trash bin, and students ate fruits then threw the fruit peel into the bin. Grade 1 promised to do…

Excursion to Bantar Gebang

On October 0th, 2017, Grade 1  students went to Bantar Gebang to observe the amount of waste in that landfill. Students listened to presentation from the management of Bantar Gebang  landfill, observed the waste and looked closely how the organic waste is processed into Compost. Students were so amazed by seeing the mountain of trash and…