How We Organize Ourselves

How We Organize Ourselves An inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities; the structure and function of organizations; societal decision-making; economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment. 26 February – 13 April 2018 Trans-theme How We Organize Ourselves Central Idea ways and systems in which we communicate have varying degrees…

Music (Jan 8th – Feb 23th)

To support our current UOI Sharing The Planet, students will learn how to accompany song using percussion. They already start this lesson since 1st semester and they will learn deeper about rhythm. Connection concept will be supported in this unit.

Visual Art Grade 1

To support our current UOI Sharing the Planet, Grade 1 student will create diorama about animal and their environment/ Habitat, using Shoe Box, clay and other materials  


Sharing The Planet An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things; communities and the relationships within and between them; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution.   Central idea: Understanding the characteristics and habitats of animals allows us to support their…

Bahasa Indonesia UOI 3

Bahasa Indonesia UOI 3 6 November – 15 December WALT: Melaksanakan sesuatu sesuai dengan perintah atau petunjuk sederhana Memahami pesan yang disampaikan (perintah tertulis) Membaca nyaring kata / kalimat Menulis kalimat/ perintah Menulis kata / kalimat sederhana yang didiktekan guru WILF Mendengarkan perintah Melaksanakan perintah yang didengar Membaca perintah Melaksanakan perintah yang dibaca Membaca nyaring…

Math UOI 3 – Who We Are

Math UOI 3 – Who We Are 6 November – 15 December   MATHS 2D and 3D shapes (introducing basic shapes) Completes pattern Ordinal numbers    Shape and Space: 2D and 3D Shapes (Introducing Basic Shapes) 1. Identifies and classifies basic 2D shapes: rectangle, square,  circle and triangle 2. Identifies and classifies basic 3D shapes:…

ICT UOI 3-Who We Are

ICT UOI 3 6 November – 15 December In this unit we are going to create balanced lifestyle journal using Book Creator.   ICT WALT: Creates balanced lifestyle journal WILF: creates a new book Add and format text Add images Add videos Format page (change colors Reflection, choice, balanced  

UOI 3 – Who We Are

UOI 3 – Who We Are 6 November – 15 December   Trans-theme Who We Are Central Idea Balanced lifestyle choices affect health and well-being Key Concepts Causation; Connection; Reflection Related Concepts choice, well-being, health, balanced Lines of Inquiry 1.     What it means to have a balanced lifestyle 2.     How the choices we make affect…

Music (November 6th – December 15th)

To support our current UOI Who We Are, students will start to learn about percussion. They will learn how to accompanying song using percussion, but after they able to play the song with singing and airwave (optional). This will support concept of connection.

Music ( October 2nd – November 3rd)

To support our current UOI How The World Works, students will learn how to sing. This singing lesson will support their performance for learning celebration and the concept of responsibility.

Visual Art Grade 1, 6 Nov – 15 Dec

To support our current UOI “ Who We Are “ , Grade 1 student will have drawing & coloring lesson. They will draw about their holiday. In this unit they will learn to draw based on their memory, they will learn how to sketch and they will learn the basic coloring technique.

Visual Art ( 18 Sept- 3 Nov )

To support our current UOI, The management of waste supports the sustainability of the environment and living creatures, students will learn how to draw by observing the real environment instead of using their imagination and also learn how to makes some animals figure by using tissue rolls.