Music (May – June 2018)

To support our current UOI “Where We Are in Place and Time”, students will continue their lesson about rhythm. They will focus on basic beat (one beat and half beat) using drum stick and then try to apply it with accompany a song. Function concept will be supported in this unit.

1718 Grade 2 Sharing The Planet (March – April 2018)

Unit Of Inquiry (UOI) Central Idea: Life cycles support the balance of nature. Key Concepts: Change, Connection, Responsibility Related Concepts: Cycles, Adaptation, Balance Lines Of Inquiry: Patterns of growth Factors that support the continuity of life cycles Ways we can maintain the balance of nature   English to make a poster on how to prevent…

Music (March – April 2018)

To support our current UOI “Sharing The Planet), students will learn how to play children song from Indonesia by using airwave and trying to sing broadway song. Connection concept will be supported in this unit.

Music (Jan 8th – Feb 23rd)

To support our current UOI How We Organize Ourselves, students will learn how to accompany songs using percussion. They will not just play untuned percussion, but also tuned percussion like glockenspiel as accompaniment. Form concept will be supported in this unit.

1718 Grade 2 – How We Organize Ourselves (January-February 2018)

Sharing Session All grade 2 students were listening to a presentation. It’s presented by grade 12 students. There are Mike, Carla and Adele. The presentation is about public transportation in Jakarta. It is closely related to our unit. All the students used this presentation as their finding information part of the unit. Thank you 12th…

1718 Grade 2 – How We Organize Ourselves (January-February 2018)”.

UOI Central Idea Communities create transportation systems that meet their needs. Key Concepts: Form Function Change Related Concepts: community, needs, technology Lines of Inquiry 1. Features of transportation systems 2. Decisions involved when designing transportation systems 3. The response of transportation systems to changing needs English Design one mode of transport systems: write three sentences…

Visual Art Grade 2

To support our current UOI How we organize our self, Grade 2 will learn how a make Vehicle by using paper craft

Information Literacy (Library Time)

In “how we express ourselves” unit of inquiry, Grade 2 students look through almost all Dr. Seuss’ books. They read the books at the beginning in tuning-in step, then they will identify rhymes inspired by the books and try to make shared class rhymes. It sounds it’s cool process!

Math UOI 3 – Who We Are

Math UOI 3 – Who We Are 6 November – 15 December   MATHS 2D and 3D shapes (introducing basic shapes) Completes pattern Ordinal numbers    Shape and Space: 2D and 3D Shapes (Introducing Basic Shapes) 1. Identifies and classifies basic 2D shapes: rectangle, square,  circle and triangle 2. Identifies and classifies basic 3D shapes:…

Music ( Nopember – December)

To support how we express ourselves. The students will do basic percussion, using drum stick and drum pad. This support the concept of function.

Music ( October 2nd – November 3rd)

To support our current UOI How The World Works, student will back focusing in how to sing. This singing lesson will support them for their learning celebration and concept of form.