1718 Grade 3 – ICT (February – April 2018)

To support the learning in this unit, students will create a presentation in ICT lesson. Walt: presents a report Wilf: Insert text Insert supporting images Make sure text can be read comfortably Arrange content proportionally Cite resources

Expert Visit – Where We Are in Place and Time

Grade 3 students were having an expert visit last Monday/ 9 April 2018, to find out about how people modify the geographical feature to support the settlement. The expert who explained about this matter is someone who is really familiar to the students. He is… Pak Handoko!!! Yeaaayyy…students were really excited learning from pak Handoko…

1718 Grade 3 – Mathematics (February – April 2018)

The mathematics lesson in this unit will cover about: Fraction (Equivalent Fraction): Finds equivalent fractions of a given fraction Compares and orders related fractions Solves problems involving fractions   Length: Uses km and mm as units to measure length Relates between units of measurement: km and m, m and cm, cm and mm. Solves problems…

1718 Grade 3 – Where We Are in Place and Time (February – April 2018)

An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; and the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives Central Idea: The earth’s physical geography determines the way it is explored and where settlement can be established Key…

Let’s resolve the conflict

Walt: understand the strategies to resolve conflict Wilf: able to resolve the conflict on a case study using the appropriate strategy Students work in a group to read and analyse a case study. After that, they have to discuss the most appropriate strategy to resolve the conflict. To end the lesson, students share the result…

Finding Equivalent Fractions

Walt: understand how to find equivalent fractions Wilf: able to find the equivalent fractions through pictures The students are trying to find equivalent fractions of a fraction given by using a piece of paper. First they make a fraction given by the teacher on a piece of paper, then they can fold and make lines…

English “Where we are in place and time” (19 Feb – 13 April)

UOI – Where we are in place and time Central Idea – The Earth’s physical geography determines the way it is explored and where settlement can be established Semester 2 is now well on its way! I aim to continue supporting our HRT’s with the new UOI. We will have a look at exploration and…

Bermain Peran “Bekel dan Basket”

Walt: Bermain peran sesuai dengan tema yang diberikan Wilf: menampilkan drama sesuai dengan tokoh dan dialog masing-masing Siswa dibagi menjadi beberapa kelompok dan diberikan naskah drama pendek. Siswa memilih dan menentukan karakter yang hendak diperankannya dalam kelompok masing-masing. Setelah itu, siswa menghafalkan dialog dan berlatih gerak tubuh yang sesuai dengan dialog yang diucapkannya.

1718 Grade 3 – ICT (January – February 2018)

To support the unit of inquiry, students will create a comic about conflict resolution in ICT lesson. WALT: writes a comic about conflict resolution (integrated to Bahasa Indonesia) WILF: Draws the story in the drawing app Chooses the comic template Adds panels Inserts images Uses speech and thought bubbles Inserts and formats text Adds needed…

We can do long division!!!

Walt: understand how to do long division Wilf: able to divide 3 digit number with 1 digit number correctly Students were challenged to be a risk taker to solve long division problems given by the teacher in front of the class and wrote them down on the whiteboard.

BSI – Membaca Nyaring

Walt: Membaca Nyaring Wilf: Siswa dapat membaca nyaring dengan intonasi dan lafal yang tepat Siswa membaca nyaring teks yang diberikan di depan kelas. Siswa diminta membaca nyaring dengan beberapa kriteria berikut ini: Suara lantang Intonasi yang tepat Lafal membaca yang benar Kelancaran membaca

Visual Art Grade 3

To Support our current UOI Sharing the planet with the central idea Conflict, grade 3 will learn how to paint using complementary/ contrast color.