Mathematics (January-February 2018)

For this unit of inquiry, grade 4 will learn about factors, common factors, greatest common factor (GCF), multiples, least common multiple (LCM), prime numbers, and fractions. Factors and Multiples Determines factors of a number Finds common factors and greatest common factor (GCD) Solves problems related to greatest common factor Determine if a number is a…

Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia (January-February 2018)

Mendengar dan Berbicara: Mengungkapkan pikiran, pendapat, perasaan dan fakta secara lisan dengan menceritakan hasil pengamatan Mendengarkan pendapat orang lain dengan memperhatikan etika   Membaca:        Menemukan pikiran pokok teks (150 – 200 kata) dengan cara membaca sekilas Menulis: Menyusun ide paragraf secara terstruktur Menulis narasi dengan menggunakan kalimat dan tata bahasa yang tepat (Forms) Presentasi: Menjelaskan…

ICT (January-February 2018)

To support the concept of function and connection, grade 4 students will learn: WALT: Presents the challenges related to the equal distribution chosen natural resource WILF: inserts relevant pictures in a logical sequence adds relevant and logical captions records audio explanation arrange components proportionally

Visual Art (January – February 2018)

To support the key concept ; Connection in Sharing the Planet unit, the students are going to learn to create natural resources parchment map. the students will learn how to manage and prepare their tools and materials, create ordinary paper become parchment paper using A3 paper, the map consists of 10 spots natural resources of Indonesia, Create tidy and creative…

UOI 4 Sharing The Planet (Jan 8 – Feb 15, 2018)

An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things; communities and the relationships within and between them; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution. Central idea Equal access to the Earth’s finite resources provides challenges for the global community. Concepts Function, Connection,…

English  “Sharing the Planet” (08 Jan –15 Feb 2018)

  UOI – Sharing the Planet Central idea – Equal access to the Earth’s finite resources provides challenges for the global community It is the start of English in Semester 2! I aim to continue supporting our HRT’s with the new UOI.  We will be following the lines of inquiry that deals with the distribution…

Visual Art (6th November – 16th Desember 2017)

To support the related concept ; cultural differences in How We Express Ourselves unit, the students are going to learn to create a mixed media paper about their culture. the students will learn how to manage and prepare their tools and materials, use A3 sketch book paper for the artwork based, use 3 types of paper (minimum),…

Music (Nopember – December )

To support how we express ourselves, the students will do the music for lord of the ring drama, the musician will be divided into instruments player and choir. This support the concept of reflection.

Music (October – Nopember 2017 )

To support how we organize ourselves unit, in music we do ensemble to expand our vocabulary in playing the music together in harmony. This supports the concept of  connection.

Visual Art (25th September – 3rd November 2017)

To support the concept of Form in our Unit of Inquiry – How We Organize Ourselves, The students are going to learn to create their own straw mosaic art,  manage and prepare their tools and materials, using A3 art Carton for the artwork based, create colorful artwork and tidy artwork.

Mathematics (August – September 2017)

Whole Number (up to 100.000) Reads and writes numbers which are more than 10.000 Identifies the place value and digits’ value of a number Writes numbers in expanded notation Compares and orders numbers or quantities Determines number which are some ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, or ten thousands more /less than a number Groups numbers to…

ICT (August – September 2017)

WALT: Creates an e-book about health WILF: cite resources create a cover draw digital images insert and format images insert and format text record video/audio (optional) Share to iBooks