Music (May – June 2018)

To support our current UOI “How We Organize Ourselves”,  students will continue their lesson about How To Compose A New Song. This time they will focus more on how many kind pattern that songs usually have, then compose a new song again. Function concept will be supported in this unit.

English – The Witches by Roald Dahl

As a pre-reading task, we created our own witches and wrote down five things we thought we knew about Witches. Now we have started our novel study, we know exactly how to spot a real Witch!

Mandarin Grade 5 ( April – June )

Grade 5 students will learn vocabulary about 妈妈做菜Mā ma zuò cài (including “vegetables”, “cooking” and others) through the following activities: writing vocabulary “han zi and pin yin and meaning” about mama zuo cai; reading these words; listening and talking about mama zuo cai; and describing own favorite foods and drinks.

English – Poetry

We have come to the end of our Poetry Unit and our last task was to write and perform short Raps. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed cheering each other on!

Visual Art Grade 5 (April – June 2018)

To support the key concept ; Function in How We Organize Ourselves, the students are going to learn to create Fridge Magnet Reminder. the students will learn how to manage and prepare their tools and materials, understanding the different style and color are something to be embrace, generalized the size of frame, create tidy and decorative artwork; good composition…

Student Led Conference (SLC)

Student-led conference is a conference involve the student and the parents. The students are responsible for leading the conference, and also take responsibility for their learning by sharing the process with their parents. The conference involves the student discussing and reflecting upon samples of work that they have previously chosen to share with their parents….

Doctors’ Visit

In order to learn more about physical, social and emotional changes during puberty age, Gr.5 students had a session with 2 doctors ( dr. Mario and dr. Vina) from  Awal Bros Bekasi Hospital. The students were divided into 2 groups based on their gender in different rooms.The doctors explained a lot of great things about…

English – Haiku Poems

This week we have been writing our own hHaiku poems, we had lots of fun! New words for next week: various science mammal hoarse country bruise daytime intention inventor possible

Music (March – April 2018)

To support our current UOI “Who We Are”, in this unit students will learn about how to compose a new song, using logical way. This lesson was delayed on last unit. Connection concept will be supported in this unit.

ICT (March – April 2018)

To support the concept of CHANGE, in ICT students will create a self-imagery ebook (Book Creator, camera/iMovie, Canva) WILF:  self-created and edited video photos self-created images annotated images text

BSI (March-April 2018)

Pada unit ini, untuk mendukung konsep “change”, siswa akan belajar memahami cara menemukan informasi secara cepat dari berbagai teks khusus yang dilakukan melalui membaca memindai.