English – The Witches by Roald Dahl

As a pre-reading task, we created our own witches and wrote down five things we thought we knew about Witches. Now we have started our novel study, we know exactly how to spot a real Witch!

English – Poetry

We have come to the end of our Poetry Unit and our last task was to write and perform short Raps. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed cheering each other on!

Doctors’ Visit

In order to learn more about physical, social and emotional changes during puberty age, Gr.5 students had a session with 2 doctors ( dr. Mario and dr. Vina) fromĀ  Awal Bros Bekasi Hospital. The students were divided into 2 groups based on their gender in different rooms.The doctors explained a lot of great things about…

English – Haiku Poems

This week we have been writing our own hHaiku poems, we had lots of fun! New words for next week: various science mammal hoarse country bruise daytime intention inventor possible

The More We Share The More We Have

On Friday, 2nd March 2018, Grade 5 students donated the leftover money (Rp. 233.750) from the last fundraising activity to one of Grade 6 PYP Exhibition’s group. We gave the leftover money to Grade 6 students because they have a social project to help children in Panti Asuhan Akhiruzzaman as their actions to help individuals…

English – Poetry

We have explored what poetry is and learned some new poetry vocabulary. This week we completed our very first poems related to Who We Are, and they are entitled I Am… They are now on display in our classrooms if you would like to come and see them! Words of the Week: yesterday whisper tunnel…

English – Gong Xi Fa Cai!

This week we continued finalising our presentations for next week’s Learning Celebration and enjoyed our visit to PAUD Cibening. Words of the Week: amusement different enjoyment favorite grown-ups human modern pattern puzzle thoughtful

Organising a fun fundraising

Gr. 5 students organised a fundraising activity to raise money for their social project. They sold some food, drinks and stationaries to the school community members from 1st – 7th February 2018. They looked happy and said that the fundraising was fun because they could sell some products and invite Primary School students to participate…

English – Group Presentations

This week we have been working in our groups to create our PowerPoint presentations for our Learning Celebration on 20th February – Hope to see you there! Words of the Week: agreed decided members process settled whose solve though section known

English Update

This week we have been delivering our Powerpoint presentations. Words of the Week: addition consider equation fought height located orphan noun promise several