Music (May – June 2018)

To support our current UOI Sharing The Planet,  students will continue their lesson about how to perform as an ensemble. Last month they just did great performance as an ensemble in PYP Exhibition. This time they will do another performance for their graduation. Connection concept will be supported in this unit.

Mandarin Grade 6 ( April – June )

Grade 6 students will do the practicum test and writing test , through the following activities: for the practicum test students will writing han zi and pin yin about their favorite ; students read about their favorite ; students practise did some worksheets

Visual Art Grade 6 (April – June 2018)

To support the key concept ; Form in Sharing The Planet, the students are going to learn to Create a diorama about biodiversity. the students will learn how to manage and prepare their tools and materials, using reused materials, 3D artwork, the size 40 x 30 cm (min), work in pair, create tidy and creative artwork; good composition and…

Try Out

We would like to remind you again of our TO schedule 12-19 March 2018. Day, Date Subject Time TRY OUT Monday, 12th March 2018 Bahasa Indonesia 08.00 – 10.00 Tuesday, 13th March 2018 Mathematics 08.00 – 10.00 Wednesday, 14th March 2018 IPA 08.00 – 10.00 Thursday, 15th March 2018 IPS 08.00 – 09.30 Agama 09.40…

English – Reflective Essays

All Grade 6 reflective essays are finished and marked and in our portfolios! Ask us if we passed? New words for next week: encyclopedia fossil skillful wrinkle descendant instruction minus predict reduce scarcely

Music (March – April 2018)

To support our current UOI “Where We Are in Place and Time”, students will prepare performance in music as an opening their PYP Exhibition. In this preparation, they will learn how to play by listening each other while playing music in a group. Connection concept will be supported in this unit.

Let’s Grow More Trees

Thursday, 8th March 2018, EY 2 students had visitors. They are 6 Grader students. They are Naura, Viona, Brahm and Alfiraas. They came to EY 2 class to do a presentation about plants. It was in line with our unit, Sharing the Planet, which central idea is plants sustain life on earth and play a…

Pipiltin Cocoa Visit

One of the group grade 6 PYP exhibition is Disaster Researchers (Bagas Naibaho, Alvin, Emma and Damar). They focused on Volcano land and its advantages in our daily life. There are comodities we can get such as coffee bean, tea leaves and cocoa bean, actually, Indonesia is the 3rd largest cocoa bean producer in the…

English (12th March – 20th April)

To support our Unit of Inquiry: Where We Are in Place and Time, we will be conducting a research report and gathering evidence of the impact that the Ancient Egyptian civilisation has had on our lives today. We will be using a range of sources to find our information and working on our paraphrasing skills.

English – Words of the Week

We have completed our reflective essays and next week we will be editing and revising them with the help of our friends as we do a peer supported final draft. Words of the Week: departure exercise scissors multiple ancient excitement horizon independence positive thousand

Visual Art Grade 6 (February – April 2018)

To support the key concept ; Connection in Where We Are in Place and Time unit, the students are going to learn to decorate batik pattern with mixed media art. the students will learn how to manage and prepare their tools and materials, choose one of batik nusantara as reference, decorate with mixed media art, create tidy and creative artwork;…