Unit 1: Who We Are

Trans Theme: Who We Are

Central Idea: People have developed human rights in order to live in harmony

Key Concepts: Causation, Perspective, Responsibility

Related Concepts: human rights, harmony, equity

Lines of Inquiry:

  • How human rights developed
  • Why human needs rights
  • How responsibilities go along with rights

Learner Profiles: Communicators, Balanced, Reflective

Trans Skills: Social skills


WALT: To prepare and present a poster to explain my rights and responsibilities as a CHAMPION for ourselves, our families and our country.

WILF – I can:

  • Explain the meaning of personal rights
  • Explain the meaning of my responsibilities
  • Organise my rights and responsibilities into the 3 CHAMPION areas
  • Prepare and present a poster to explain my rights and responsibilities as a CHAMPION


  • Mendengar dan Berbicara: Perilaku disiplin
  • Membaca: Harga diri (pengertian dan contohnya)
  • Menulis: Norma di masyarakat
  • Presentasi: Perilaku disiplin



  • Able to describe activities in mandarin with correct pronunciation and tone
  • Able to read hanyu pinyin and chinese characters about activities
  • Able to write hanyu pinyin and chinese characters about activities


WALT: Delivers an idea through a short video


  1. Cite resources
  2. Record video
  3. Use video filter (optional)
  4. Record and edit audio
  5. Add pictures
  6. Add and format text
  7. Use transition
  8. Save as a video file.



    Students are able to:

    1. Solves problems which requires addition or subtraction of time
    2. Finds time interval or duration of activities
    3. Finds starting or ending time of activities

    Shape and Space:

    Students are able to:

    1. Designs and creates symmetric figures


    Visual Art:

    WALT: makes colorwheel


    1. Able to identify primary color & secondary color
    2. Able to mix color to create a new color


    Performance Art:

    WALT: pianika as main instrument

    WILF: pianika fingering, the right breathing of pianika, play song mainly with the white keys, occasionally with black keys

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