Our First Learning Celebration in Nursery

Nursery students learned how to express themselves through games. For this unit, they had so much fun through playful learning. They had understanding that through playing we can interact with others (communication skill) and develop new understanding such as, knowing the rules of games (thinking skill) and the importance of fair play (social skill).

To end this interesting unit, on Friday, November 19th 2018, Nursery students celebrated their learning by performing in front of their parents and friends. Nursery sun and moon had ‘I am little teapot’ as their performance and nursery rainbow and sky had ‘I like to move it’ as their performance. It was long journey with lots of practice to develop their self-confidence, yet it was an amazing performance for the parents.

After the performance, the students played several games with their parents. They played three-legged race, musical chair, beads transfer and tug of war.  They were interacting with others, follow the rules and play fairly.

At the end, to close our celebration we played ‘limbo’, a traditional popular game that originated on the island of Trinidad. They needed to dance and  go under the ‘rope’ with their back facing the floor. We had a pleasure time. Well done, kids and parents!

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