Incy Wincy Spider

According to Lisa Healy ( nursery rhymes are incredibly powerful influencers in preschool development. Phonemic skill development gained from nursery rhymes has even been scientifically shown to significantly improve reading, spelling and other literacy skills (Harper, 2011)

Toddlers have been learning about reciting nursery rhymes as one of the activities to improve their cognitive and language development. On Friday, 18th of January 2019 toddlers learned to recite a rhyme titled “Incy Wincy Spider”. At that time they did not only learn to pronounce the words but they also learned the movement. Children learned best through music, so they learned to memorize the words using the song.

As the integration to fine motor skills development the teachers asked them to make a spider web art work. They were having a guided drawing as the hands on activity. What it means by guided drawing is when the teachers showed them how to make lines and then they followed. Then the teachers asked them to make a circle and then they followed. Finally, they colored the spider and pasted it on the web.

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