UOI 6 – How We Express Ourselves

16 April – 7 June 2018

An inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetics.

Central Idea Stories engage their audience and communicate meaning.
Key Concepts Form, Connection, Perspective
Related Concepts Story, Narrative, Structure, Communication
Lines of Inquiry
  • The structures of a story
  • Ways in which stories can be told
  • The messages stories can convey
  • Personal choice of stories
Learner Profiles Thinkers, Communicators, Open-minded
Trans-skills Thinking skills, Self-management skills





SUBJECTS WALT WILF Exploring the concepts or related concepts.
BAHASA INDONESIA Menulis cerita pendek dengan huruf kapital dan tanda baca yang benar.
  1. Memahami cerita legenda rakyat Indonesia yang dilisankan.
  2. Membaca cerita legenda rakyat Indonesia.
  3. Mengidentifikasi elemen cerita
  4. Memahami pesan moral dari cerita
  5. Membuat cerita atau memodifikasi cerita dengan bahasa sendiri.
Perspective, story, structure, narrative,
PKn Mempresentasikan kewajiban anak
  1. Memahami kewajiban anak di rumah
  2. Memahami kewajiban anak di sekolah
  3. Membuat presentasi tentang kewajiban anak
Form, communication
ENGLISH Students are able to analyze the element of fairy tales stories.
  1. Writes and illustrates my own story
  2. Differentiates my story into beginning, middle and end
  3. Understand the message of the story

story, structure, narrative

ICT Creates comic strip
  1. Creates eye catching, proportional cover that represents the story.
  2. inserts images
  3. inserts speech and thought bubbles.
  4. adds relevant stickers.
  5. Adds text.
  6. formats page, text, and images.




MATHS Number:

Repeated addition and fraction



Repeated addition and sharing equally

  1. Use model/diagram to solve repeated addition problems (within 40)
  2. Shares equally a quantity (not greater than 20) into equal sets
  3. Exclude the use of multiplication tables and symbol, division symbol


  1. Recognizes and names half and quarter of one whole
  2. Determine a half or a quarter from a quantity




MUSIC Accompany songs using percussion


  • Tap the tempo of the song
  • Add rhythm to the song
  • Starting from simple one
  • Play the rhythm while singing, with steady tempo.


SEL Recognise strengths and abilities to follow dreams


  • Understands the importance of persistence and a positive attitude in facing challenges in school and life
  • Realizes that having dreams and hopes helps them plan for the future




LIBRARY Fairy tales and its elements


Students will learn what is fairy tale and the elements (characters, setting, plot, vaillant, good character, royal family, etc)




Story, Narrative, Communication













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