Finding Prime Numbers

In the beginning of unit 4, grade 4 students have learned factors in Maths. To begin this topic, students must have a strong multiplication skill which will help them to determine factors of the numbers. This week, as the students have mastered “Factors”, they learned how to find prime numbers which are less than 100. Each of the students was given a table of number from 1 -100. Teacher led them through some steps which involved students’ competency of finding multiples of a number. To start this activity, students complete the first step together based on teacher’s instruction. First, teacher asked them to cross number one and to highlight or to circle number 2. Then, students needed to cross all the multiples of 2 on the table given. Next, students highlighted or circled number 3, as it isn’t multiple of 2 and hasn’t been crossed, and followed by crossing all the multiples of 3. Students continue completing the activity until all numbers were highlighted or crossed.

At the end of the activity students listed all the numbers that were highlighted as they are the prime numbers less than 100.

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